Who the F**K?

For bookings contact Tom Sleddens (Your Agency).

* Resident DJs for EDM.com and the EDM Network (check their soundcloud page for all the mixtapes, avg. 50-100,000 plays each)

* Radio support from Slam!FM, Radio 538 in the Netherlands

* Their live shows consist of DJing/MCing, and they can play nights of any genre you request, from house to trap, to a true ‘FK’ set where all genres are included

* Yes, they tour and perform in the masks, 100% of the time

The Fuzzi Kittenz is a secret collaboration between two long time club DJ’s who miss the anonymity in dance music. At one time the DJ was a faceless wonder controlling the essence of the party, not a name written in fire. This team is dedicated to returning the priority to the party, and helping you get your groove on. Playing a variety of party inspired styles, the Kittenz live by two simple rules:

  1. Sleep as much as possible
  2. Play anything that is funky enough to be awake for

You will surely agree that one night of playing rough with F**K will wear the soles right off of your dancing shoes (they recommend you make sure you have a back up pair before any repeat listens).

They are currently working on a full-length, multi-genre album, TBR later in 2014.

2014 will also see FK host an exclusive weekly radio show for the EDM Network, so stay tuned for updates!